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Dollar Car Rental Jordan - About Us

* Dollar Rent A Car was founded in 1965 in Los
Angeles, California, and it was originally
called (Dollar A Day Rent A Car ).

* Dollar has more than 640 worldwide car rental
locations in 53 countries including those in
Australia, Canada, the Caribbean , Latin
America and the middle east - H.K.Of Jordan .

* Dollar Jordan Rent A Car offers a large
selection of fine quality rental vehicles and
has more than 400 cars distributed in over
than 22 rental car locations in Amman regions,
large cities and major airports throughout the
H.K.of Jordan.

* Our Strategy

- Dollar Jordan philosophy has been to provide
the public with a combination of the best
services available in the Car industry at
the most competitive prices possible.
- Also At Dollar,we have many unique strengths
that make us your best choice for a business

* Dollar Jordan rent a car Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

Dollar Jordan rent a car is the preferred
rental car for customers.

Our Mission:

To provide innovated car rental services of high quality to our retail and corporate customers, which meet their needs and exceed their expectations, in line with the latest developments in international cars industries and car rental markets.

Our Policy:

Adopting Total Quality Management (T.Q.M) to enhance the value of the firm financially and socially, and increase ROE (Return On Equity ) in order to become a leader in domestic & regional car rental markets.

Our Core Values:

Customers satisfaction, welfare of employees , reward for quality performance and teamwork.
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